The American Medical Association is an organization that exists to improve public healthcare, as well as to promote medicine as an art form. There are a number of membership benefits associated with the American Medical Association. Saeid Shamsian was a urologist for many years and is a member of the American Medical Association. As a former physician, Saeid Shamsian continues to enjoy many membership benefits. Below are descriptions of three benefits given to physicians who belong to the association.

1. Free subscription to American Medical News. American Medical News is an award-winning newspaper that covers all kinds of medical news. The subscription is valued at $160.

2. Support through CPT Network. The Current Procedural Terminology network provides physicians everywhere with free access to all sorts of commonly asked coding questions, individual support, and the Quick Reference guide book. This perk is valued at more than $700.

3. American Medical Association Insurance Savings. Physicians who belong to the American Medical Association have the opportunity to save up to 40% on various insurance products and other financial services.