Retired urologist Dr. Saied Shamsian previously served as an attending physician at Maimonides Medical Center and New York Methodist Hospital. At these facilities, Dr. Saeid Shamsian treated patients with conditions ranging from urinary incontinence to bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer usually springs from cells lining the interior of the organ. Though the condition can impact anyone, it most commonly appears in patients who are older.

Urologists have employed a variety of methods to eradicate and control bladder cancers. One such method involves the surgical removal of a malignancy. The procedure, called transurethral resection (TUR), best addresses those cancers that have not spread beyond the bladder’s inner layers. When a surgeon performs a TUR, he or she inserts a wire loop into a patient’s bladder. An electric current then is passed through the loop, which heats up the wire and burns cancer cells.

In addition to surgery, physicians may prescribe a round of chemotherapy given intravenously or introduced directly into the bladder. Doctors often use chemotherapy in combination with surgery to address any cells left in the body following tumor extraction.