For more than two decades, Dr. Saeid Shamsian served and taught as a urology attending physician at several New York medical centers, including North Shore University Hospital and New York Methodist Hospital. Holding an MD from Tehran University Medical School in Iran, Dr. Saeid Shamsian treated a variety of urological conditions, including impotency and prostatic diseases. Additionally, S. Shamsian provided surgical treatment for both men and women with urinary incontinence.

While urinary incontinence may be alleviated with behavioral modifications or therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, there are several surgical procedures that may also be used to treat this condition. The most common form of surgical treatment for incontinence, a sub-urethral sling procedure, involves using a strip of material to support the urethra and facilitate closure. This supportive sling may be composed of soft mesh, tissue from the patient’s body, or cadaveric tissue. In addition, periurethral injections may be used to treat both males and females with urinary incontinence; this involves injecting bulking agents to improve the coaptation – or drawing together – of the urethra’s mucus membranes. Retropubic colposuspension is an additional treatment option that involves affixing the vaginal or periurethral tissues to the pubic bone. This method may be performed via an open procedure, as well as laparoscopically.