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Medical Errors

A graduate of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran, Saeid Shamsian, MD, received his degree in medicine and obtained his board certification from the American Board of Urology. As a urologic surgeon, Dr. Saeid Shamsian practiced and taught health care for almost 30 years and performed numerous surgeries involving diseases, infections, and cancer of the kidneys.

A recent study concluded that medical errors and unintentional drug side effects occurring during surgeries are more prevalent than expected.

According to the study, in 50 percent of all surgeries performed, an unintended drug side effect or medical errors occurs. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston examined 277 medical procedures with a high frequency of medical errors. The study resulted in the following four findings.

The most common surgical mistake is attributed to human error stemming from the administration of incorrect drug dosage from clinicians. Also, of these drug dosage mistakes leading to patient harm, researchers found that 30 percent were considered significant, and 69 percent were considered serious.

The study demonstrated that less than 2 percent of adverse drug dosing cases were considered life-threatening. Finally, the research revealed that surgical procedures exceeding six hours contributed to a greater likelihood of having medical errors.