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Dr. Saeid Shamsian served as a urological surgeon for over two decades. During that period, S. Shamsian, MD, performed procedures on male and female patients with diseases of the ureter, kidney, and bladder. The professional interests of Saeid Shamsian, MD included male and female urinary incontinence and surgical modalities of the treatment of benign prostatic diseases.

A recent study implied that fewer than 50 percent of surgeries were a success. The Massachusetts General Hospital reviewed information regarding 277 past surgical procedures and found that errors were committed in almost half of them. The figures were higher for this study than for previous studies because the latter were dependent on self-reporting.

According to this study, the most prevalent errors included the administration of medication in the wrong dosages. A large percentage of the dosage errors were considered serious, while fewer than two percent of them were life-threatening. The study also noted that errors were more likely to occur when procedures lasted longer than six hours.