urethral cancer
urethral cancer


While working as a urological surgeon, Dr. Saeid Shamsian performed procedures on patients with conditions such as prostate cancer. Moreover, Saeid Shamsian, MD, offered patients who had urethral cancer various surgical treatments.

A Transparency Market Research (TMR) report discussed new trends in the outpatient surgery and emergency center markets. The emergency and outpatient surgery center, also called an ambulatory surgery center, is an establishment that provides medical services to people who do not need to be hospitalized.

TMR points to the efficiency of such medical centers. For instance, when patients arrive, they rarely wait for more than 30 minutes (especially at specialty centers that focus on certain medical emergencies). This has led to the rapid growth of the ambulatory service industry.

Moreover, ambulatory surgery centers are characterized by improved post-operative pain management, the spending of less time in the outpatient setting, and the improved performance of minimally invasive surgical procedures.