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Electric Bikes
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When Dr. Saeid Shamsian was working as a urologic surgeon, he also functioned as the vice chair of urology at two hospitals and head of the clinic, also at two hospitals. Now that he is retired, Saeid Shamsian, MD, maintains an active lifestyle by biking.

Offering many if not all of the benefits of traditional bicycles, including environmental friendliness, e-bikes are drawing a lot of attention, especially among aging baby boomers. These benefits include improved cardiovascular and overall health, as well as anxiety and weight reduction.

E-bikes operate like traditional bicycles in that riders have to pedal. However, they also offer the “crutch” of a small electric motor on which riders can rely when they get tired. Moreover, they allow long-distance travel that often beats cars when it comes to cost, ease of parking, and maintenance. Such bikes cost anywhere from $1,000 to $9,000, depending on the make and selected features.