ambulatory surgery
ambulatory surgery


A urologic surgeon for more than 20 years, Saeid Shamsian, MD, has treated hundreds of patients with cancer in the prostate or kidneys. Now retired, Dr. Saeid Shamsian keeps abreast of developments in US medicine such as the growth of ambulatory surgery centers.

A new report by Transparency Market Research indicates that ambulatory surgery and emergency centers are on the rise. The report credits the rise of these centers to their cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Ambulatory surgery and emergency centers were developed to offer outpatient medical services. The centers offer minor surgeries to patients who do not require hospitalization. Single-specialty centers focus on one area, such as dermatology or gastroenterology, while multispecialty centers perform a broad range of procedures.

For hospitals, associated ambulatory centers provide a broader reach at a considerably lower cost than physical expansion. For patients, the centers offer quality treatments at lower costs and with shorter wait times.