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Medical Errors

Dr. Saeid Shamsian, a skilled urological surgeon, has years of experience providing urology services to patients. A donor to the Jewish community, Saeid Shamsian, MD, also has experience as a professor at Columbia Presbyterian and several other hospitals. Although Dr. S. Shamsian does not currently practice medicine, he maintains a strong interest in all topics related to the profession, such as medical errors.

Although all surgical procedures involve some risk, avoidable errors do occur. A medical error is defined as an error made which could have been prevented. Examples include operating on the incorrect body part, administering the incorrect dosage of a medication, and injuring a nerve during the procedure.

Recent research by the Massachusetts General Hospital found that medical errors or unintended side effects occurred in almost 50% of all surgeries that were reviewed. According to the study, incorrect drug dosages were the most common type of error. Of these drug-related errors, 30% were found to be significant, but only 2% were deemed life threatening. Additionally, the researchers found the surgical operations that took longer than six hours had a greater chance of errors occurring.